Agras stand out for coming in a huge variety of sizes and colours. These carpets are named after a city located in the north of India whose history of rug-weaving begun in the 16th century and continues today. Originally conceived to decorate the imperial palaces of the once Moghul empire, today these carpets offer the same quality and design to suit the latest décor and marketing needs.

Contemporary Agras are patterned in elegant floral motifs decorated with complex compositions of flowering vines and wide detailed medallions of Persian inspiration. They are mainly characterized by naturalistic themes scattered through the field, but prayer specimens can also be found.

Colourings are often bright also due to the strategic use of silky fibres such as cellulose and/or vegetable waste. Light colour nuances and pieces entirely made of silk are also seen. Dense weaving coupled with high quality fibers and rich and minutely detailed decorations make these carpets impressive specimens.