Classic Carpets are woven by skilled craftsmen on fixed looms in workshops or ateliers. Weavers can even made them at home, but always for commissioned production which thus requires high quality standards. They are the worthy descendants of historic, generally including pieces conceived for court palaces or refined city carpets. Design and iconography are often connected with their place of origin. Patterns are firstly drawn on graph paper or on specific cartoons and then are faithfully copied on the carpet to reproduce.

Compared to Tribal carpets, these pieces are more regular in weave and more frequently decorated with very intricate plant/floral patterns in a rich colour palette. However, being hand woven, they can have minor deviations in shape or patterns, which remind of weavers’ working conditions.

Veramin rug

Veramin Carpet


Tabiz carpet

Tabriz Carpet


Kirman imperial rug

Kirman Carpet


Tappeto Bukara


Bukara Carpet


Tappeto Abadè


Abadè Carpet


The main Classic Carpets included in this category are:

Najafabad, Abadeh, Agra, AhthiMikra, Tabiz, Sufi, Srinagar, Ardebil, Ardekan, Beijing, Beshir, Bijar, Uzbek,

Veramin, BukaraYamud,Bukaresti, OldstyleChina, CinaSuperior, Gazni, Shirwan, Goom, Mashad, Pekin, Sarug, 

RavarMud, Guccian, Herekè, Heriz, IndoTabizIsfahan, Islamabad, Istambul, Kabul, Karachi, KashanKazak, 

Kirman, Konia, Kouliai, Kula, Lahore, Lilian,Nain, Safavieh O.M., Old style Ottoman, Yazd, Yoruk.