Luxury Carpets are made exclusively in large cities, workshops and ateliers by skilled weavers. They are usually woven entirely of wool or wool mixed silk on even very large fixed steel looms intended to manufacture large-sized pieces suiting royal palaces, consulates, embassies, villas, official residencies and mansions’ interiors.

The design of this Luxury Carpets is prepared on specific cartoons by master designers called ‘Ustad’ and are generally very complex, inspired by major court carpets, from which they directly derive. Thus, Ottoman, Mamaluk and Safavid carpets styles are common. Designs have complex subjects, ranging from hunting scenes to interpretations of the meaning of Allah’s paradise. These luxurious and exceedingly elegant carpets may be illustrated with animals, flourishing vines, Herati spirals, Boteh patterns, numerous bunches of flowers inside and outside polylobed niches and intricate central medallions. Sometimes cartouches are woven on these pieces, showing the signature of the artist or the workshop that made them to prove the authenticity of the handicraft.

Weave is always strikingly dense with a very short and compact pile and a remarkably sharp design. Persian carpets are the most popular pieces of this category. However, pure silk Persian specimens contend the record with Herekes from western Turkey, which are renowned as the best silk carpets in the world. They may even be woven with gold and silver silk yarns! Alongside these productions there are some Chinese carpets which boast refined designs and highly accurate workmanship. 

All Luxury Carpets are one-of-a-kind pieces with a great market value. This value is bound to constantly increase over time and is determined proportionally to the noble fibres, skill and time required to make them. They are real works of art that stand out among current safe-even assets and investments.

Extra fine Tabriz carpets

Extra fine Tabriz carpets

Fine Isfahan rug

Fine Isfahan carpets

Fine Nain 6 La rug

Fine Nain 6 La carpets

The main Luxury carpets are: Cina silk, Ghisabad, Goom silk, Nain 6la, Tabriz fine, Lori Fine.